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There are some skills that are assumed to be known by every expert in the field. When it comes to designing a website the technology continuously evolves around the clock; however, there are certain basic points that everyone has to consider to be skillful. Accordingly, a website designing company in Delhi should have skills mentioned herewith to bring in the change that is required.
1. HTML and CSS code
It is the most basic language used for website designing and development. Whether you are a developer or not, it is quite obligatory for you to understand how to read, edit and troubleshoot the basic HTML; if your job demands you may have to know much more than that! A skillful website developer should be able to edit certain fonts, colors of the text, size issue in HTML etc. without even thinking. A developer should be able to change the CSS styles without any difficulty. These skills are easy to implement and can be helpful in the long run.
2. Photo Editing
In case of any designing and development field, it is likely to work on the image; in order to present them in different styles and colors. Thus, it will be only possible if we know how to manipulate them. Right from basic cropping, to fit in the image of exact size, to be able to clean up; is a part of his job. The bare minimum expectation from every developer is that he should be able to comfortably make changes to the website; in terms of image size, color, and structure.
3. Printable option
In case, if the job is of digital applications like preparation of business cards, press releases, etc. it is very important to be able to covert certain elements or even create them in a printable format. In this regard, some of the key things to understand should include decision-related to the printing resolutions to incorporate various colors and types.
4. Easy navigation
As a developer, you should be able to get a good hands-on experience with different computers and devices. In fact, it is very important to navigate website from any type of device, may it be an old phone with equal ease and expertise.
5. Sketching
One of the surprising things about sketching is that you can visualize with wireframe as to what you wish to show your viewers, and then implement the same for actual application. Thus, sketching with confidence will be helpful to enhance your connection with your customers. You don’t have to be a top- notch artist to be successful in sketching but definitely, you need to have a basic understanding of sketching.
6. Back up
A website should always be a self-containing system, a back up is the must-have! It is very important for you to understand when to take back up and prevent further loss of data. Even if the exact logistics of the experience is not known to you; it is a very crucial part of website development.